Desalination & Off Grid 

Water Storage Containers.

    The Outback Water Stations are:

  • Reverse Osmosis/UV filtered

  • Fully self sufficient

  • Off grid, powered by solar panels & lithium ion batteries

  • Fully insulated and Air-Conditioned Modules

  • Transportable 6m container.

  • 1 ½ days to install provided they are within 30m of water source.

  • Connect your bore water and have pure fresh water at your convenience with the infrastructure your able to sell the water to the public in remote regions, travelers with caravans etc.

  • Produces 8000 litres per day with storage capacity of 7000 litre providing a total of 15000 litres with backup supply of raw produce of 5000 litres

  • Water dispenser with 3 settings – 2, 5 or 20 litres

  • Paywave system for cashless sales

  • Remote monitoring of water level, battery level, solar input & module temperature with the ability to provide monitoring of other functions of the system

  • The dispensed water is treated to the Australian Drinking Water Standard


  • We have a full team with plant & equipment to mobilize to remote areas & be fully self-sufficient.

  • We mobilize with a crew consisting of plumbers, roofers, reverse osmosis technician, electrician & excavator & crane truck & bring all the solar equipment & plumbing supplies required.

  • Projects supplied, installed & commissioned within 3 days, including travel.  The containers are built at our workshop in Victor Harbor & prepared for transporting to their locations.  We have installed systems in remote SA including, Kingoonya, Yunta, Marree, Beltana and Innamincka

Where are our

Stations Located?

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